Why Rewire?

Probably the most common reason for a DNF is faulty wiring and in many cases is the most overlooked component on a race car. If your wiring looks something like the “Before” then its not IF its WHEN it will break down. All that money you have spent on tyres, engine, chassis etc is completely wasted, you will finish with less than perfect tyres you will not if that tangled mess gives way.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is your wiring the result of a badly adapted original road going harness Autosport Electronics design and build a totally new harness
  • What spec is the wire you have added Autosport Electronics use aircraft quality R55 wire and DR25 heat shrink
  • What Spec are your connections Autosport Electronics use only high quality joints and multipole connectors designed for Motor Sport.
  • Are your switches, buttons, breakers, fuses etc good for the purpose Autosport Electronics will ensure these components do not let you down.
  • Is there any tape holding your harness together!
  • How heavy is your harness and can you easily remove / replace components without protracted wiring issues.
  • Is a new set of tyres more important than a terminal electrical fault - the cost maybe the same.

Ferrari Dino

Ferrari Dino - Before
Ferrari Dino - Before
before before